Managed IT vs Core IT: Which is Right for My Business?

With two main types of IT services to choose from, it’s good to know the key differences and which one is right for you and your business. Here’s a simple breakdown of managed and core IT services and the benefits of each one.

Managed IT

Managed IT services are enterprise level and feature proactive 24/7 monitoring of your systems and technology by the IT company. This means they can detect and address problems as soon as, or even before, they arise. This level of service does come at a premium, and is best suited for larger companies who need to avoid as much disruption as possible.

Core IT

Core IT is a more help desk style of IT support. It’s designed to be a more affordable option available to a broader range of businesses and budgets. With core IT, technicians at a help desk will be available to respond quickly to service disruptions and any other IT problems that may arise. This is not necessarily a lower quality IT service, just a more affordable option that requires you to contact the IT company with issues. These plans tend to work on hourly allowances of service time that can be extended for additional cost.

At Affordable IT Pros, our core IT services function as your personal IT department. If you think we’re the right fit for your business, contact us and let us help maximize your revenue by minimizing downtime of your core business systems.

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