What Are Core IT Services?

Core IT is designed to be a more affordable IT service that covers all of the essentials for a fraction of the cost of a managed IT option. Core IT functions through a help desk, with the client contacting the help desk when a problem arises. From there, an IT professional will promptly respond to the situation.

With a core IT service, you get all of the essential IT services your company needs. Backup and recovery, network security, updates and patches, antivirus support, phone and VoIP system support, and more! These plans often work off of set allowances of hours, with extra hours available at additional cost.

At Affordable IT Pros, our team will ensure that you have the perfect fit for anything you need to fit your goals. We pride ourselves on our accountability and timeliness in handling your IT issues. If you think that our core IT services are a good fit for your business, contact us today!

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