What is help desk support?

It’s happened to all of us. We spend hours searching for the perfect product, eventually make a purchase, and then end up having an issue with it and having to get some kind of assistance. We usually call a customer service hotline and work our problems out with a representative. Well, this is called help desk support, and it is about much more than just your new phone case or t-shirt order. 


Help desk support is a style of IT management that is popular with new businesses. The help desk management style varies from other kinds of IT management in its approach – it has a “help desk”, or customer service center where people voice issues with IT tech and find solutions from a personalized 3rd-party platform.


Help desk is the basis of Core IT services, the IT services that use 3rd-party IT companies to manage problems only as they arise. This is contrasted with Managed IT, where an expensive team preemptively manages and operates your IT needs. 


Think of it as two people who both work at a desk in an IT management system. Managed IT is more expensive, since the man is preemptively finding issues in IT and managing them before they arise. But Core IT is a help desk style, where you call the man at the desk whenever you need to have a problem resolved. This makes the service cheaper and more effective for your company, since you’re only paying for IT support you need and makes it completely scalable! 

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